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Renovation and Conservation
of Antique Furniture, Monuments



We carry out renovation works of castles, palaces, mansions, hotels and churches (see) connected to your request, with complex furnishing in a suitable arrangement. (see)


  Welcome to the website of F.H.P.U. “Antyk - Styl”.


Renovation of Antiques - Furniture Renovation - Renovation of Works of Art - Renovation of Furniture - Renovation of Antiques


 Production of English - palace furniture, exclusive English kitchens, libraries, living rooms, wardrobes, English paneling, antique doors

 We invite domestic and foreign companies, interior designers, private persons to constant cooperation ...



Production of Biedermeier furniture, Baroque, Art-deco, Louis Philippe, English furniture. Renovation of furniture, Antiques, Mansions, Palaces, Hotels, Churches, Pianos. Production of doors and windows of every era. We fulfill orders throughout Europe


English furniture, classic furniture - Antique-Style, Renovation of Antiques.
Production of English furniture, manufacture of stylish furniture.
Production of English cuisine.
Production of stylish kitchen. Production of English Libraries.
Production of stylish libraries.
Renovation of furniture, Manor Houses, Palaces, Castles, Churches, Pianos.
Production of antique furniture, furniture, custom-made furnishings, custom furniture, furniture art.
Production of historical doors, manufacturing doors, Production of  historical Windows, Production of windows. Highest quality for Demanding


Only here you will find outstanding craftsmanship, original and unique stylish furniture, classic, antique, hand carved art and different furniture perfectly matching with the interiors, offices or hotels, which can be adapted to the style of any home, office or restaurant...

We would like to offer you complex and professional services such as production of antique and stylish furniture: English style, Art-Deco style, Louis Philippe style, baroque style, the Duchy of Warsaw style, Bidermeier style and restoration of antiques, monuments, conservation and restoration of antique furniture, pianos, grand pianos, and restoration of altars, etc...

Thanks to many years of our experience and cooperation with the best qualified people for whom manufacturing furniture and restoration of antiques is a passion, you have the assurance that English furniture and classic furniture made by our company is at the highest level.

We carry out renovation of stylish wooden interiors combined upon your request with complex furnishing in a suitable arrangement.

The offer is addressed to owners of historic hotels, restaurants, mansions, residences, houses, taverns, inns, objects of religious cult, (churches, chapels, monasteries, etc...) and other historic sites both private and public.

Renovation, reconstruction, maintenance of sacristy, windows, doors, stairs, floors, ceilings, panelings, cassettes and other antique wooden furnishings. The complex renovation is completed in full range...

“Antique - Style”, offers its services such as:

  • carpentry
  • upholstery
  • varnishing
  • painting
  • waxing
  • antiqued
  • gold plating
  • marquetry
  • inlays
  • carving
  • copies
  • manufacture of furniture
  • furnishing of premises
  • atypical orders


Classic furniture or furniture stylized on the English Style, we carry out according to original projects, this furniture is stylized on antique furniture of various eras at the discretion of the customer.

Stylish furniture is new furniture but much cheaper than its original versions, with such treatment, you can enjoy the beautiful look of the English furniture or classic furniture in your own home.

Our company accepts and fulfills orders from all over the country and abroad.

We carry out all types of projects presenting single classical furniture, English furniture, antique furniture, and complex furnishings of libraries: library furniture and shelving. We provide professional advice, assistance in the furnishing, interior design or style selection in private houses and public premises.

We also do custom orders on the basis of drawings, sketches, projects, or based on old photos or images.


The company "Antique Style" made a complete copy of the furnishings in the form of the furniture in the Louis Philippe style for the Gallery of Polish Art of the XIX century in the Cracow's "Cloth Hall" commissioned by the National Museum in Cracow.


Why do we give full guarantee of quality for all furniture and services carried out by us?

Because we have the reasons for that.

Our team is consisted with hotheads for whom work is their whole life. Their work involves not only the highest quality furniture, but also the largest furniture stores in Europe.

Our great masters of furniture art, created their works for the largest stores in England and Holland, and even... made special orders for Germany, France, Italy, the United States and Ukraine.

It is worth noting that the experience gained from the Italian company "Fine-Arts" (please have a look at the history of the company) makes that our team is our greatest treasure, which cannot be underestimated, since it is impossible to develop experience in a different way, than while creating...

We specialize in the manufacture of polished furniture (Shellac polish). For individual orders we make varnished furniture and finish one of a kind, with means and the English technique - our business secret.


Our team of qualified specialists - conservators of monuments - works of antique furniture, artistic carpenters, designers - architects, art historians, wood technologists, antique furniture polytechnicists, goldsmiths, ebenists, founders of our company are people who know the artistry of antique carpentry, art history that will take care of the smallest details and elements of each order, which will become their next work of art.


Therefore, order-made furniture, antique-antique doors, antique - historical character of the interior design, conservation - reconstruction - renovation of antique wood-furniture-antique, renovation of doors / windows antique-palace-historical-stylish, etc ... which will go to Countries will be made with the greatest accuracy and diligence with attention to all the smallest details that will serve you for many decades.


Furniture finished with this technique is unique, it retains its charm, naturalness and acquire the appearance of antique furniture, this is an innovation in the furniture industry.

A characteristic feature of our finishing is felt by hand, the touch of the grain structure of wood, so called. open wood pores, pleasant to the touch, highlighting the style, character and natural beauty of our products.

Our products are designed for true connoisseurs of elegance and unique beauty.

As a few in the furniture industry for production of the furniture we use only exotic types of wood, which gives unique nature to our products, high stability, strength and durability of elements made of wood.

Choose a size - color - type of upholstery - we'll do the rest ourselves...

If you are dreaming of furniture in the English-style, Louis Philippe style, Baroque style or Art-Deco furniture, call us and we will fulfill your dreams. We will create a unique design for you, we will use the best quality of wood and materials, we will finish all the details accurately and all of this is for your satisfaction, so that your new classic and English furniture will fill you with pride and enjoy with immaculate appearance.

Specialization: furniture for libraries - shelving for libraries - development of multi-fabrics libraries - office furniture - study furniture - bar furniture - hotel furniture - English kitchens: chests of drawers, sideboards, cupboards, tables, chairs, bedrooms, buildings on the dimensions of public premises, others...

We make walls buildings, panelings, coffers, etc... according to our own and entrusted projects.

If you want to have an office or study in the unique and original classic or English style in your home, please have a look at the photo gallery of our projects.


For questions, please contact us. phone no: +48 605 211 470

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