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Beautiful furniture is not only wood but also the highest comfort and convenient, we provide only the highest quality materials. Leather upholstery, which we will match with your new furniture in every, even the most unusual order and to any interior. Please note that you can freely choose the color and pattern of the leather and even with special antiqued leather with a selected period of time.

Leather furniture that you see below are the products of the highest quality of various regions of the  world, which were brought in especially for you. The highest quality of our products give you a guarantee of usage for many years, both wood and leather.

Here is the leather, which can be chosen according to the type of furniture:



The Pastel leather family, cowhide, coming from countries outside of Europe. An unusual feature of this type of leather is that it is easy to handle and is used in almost every kind of furniture. Pumping, which you see: "Madras" and "Selva".




If you would like upholstered sofas and easy chairs, a leather family "By Casty" perfectly suits this type of furniture club - preferably without rounding. This leather is Split leather with foil (foil STICK).




Another cow leather, which comes from countries outside of the old continent. The leather of the California family, is tanned in chrome, has a coarse structure of the face, and was finished in one shade. If you would like a modern upholstered furniture upholstery, this leather is suitable for this cause, because of its softness of the touch and thickness.



Skins of the "Antique" family,  like those of the "Pastel" series include drawing, "Madras" and "Selva", but allow two-tone finishing with a shine effect. These are unusual outside of Europe cowhides that are suitable and fit finishing furniture.


Another cowhide. The main feature of this leather, "Dundee" has the structure of porous grains, and in chrome tanning, aniline dyed in drums. This unusual leather contains light pressing with print that is covered with a layer of polyurethane. The ending result is two shades.



Leather from "Fenice" is original cow leather, tanned in chrome. The effect of two-tone finishing gives the tone that improves the properties of leather upholstery. Gentle pressing on its surface gives it a charm, and enhance its visual and tactile qualities.



Metallic leather with a leather family that comes from Europe. Its smooth finishing has the effect of one metal color. The best purpose of this type of leather, is that it is reasonable to use as a supplement to combine with other elements. Please note that this type of leather is not suitable for soft "working" furniture.



Leather "Panda" from both, the continent as well as outside of Europe. Its structure has been thought through in such a way that includes stamping and finishing in one shade. The extraordinary advantage of "Panda" is the ease of handling and the possibility of applying to almost any style.



"Tornado" is a family of leather tanned in chrome aniline dyed in drums. If you wish to have modern upholstery, upholstered furniture is classic because of its fine drawing and fashion colors - it will be the ideal solution.



Another type of leather, suitable for both modern and classic furniture. Leather Toscana is a family of bovine leather, which comes from outside of Europe. Its two-tone finish gives the effect of very fine embossing.




We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to use our services.

For questions, please contact us. phone no: +48 605 211 470