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 Renovation of Antiques - Furniture Renovation - Renovation of Works of Art - Renovation of Furniture - Renovation of Antiques




Production of English - palace furniture, exclusive English kitchens, libraries, living rooms, wardrobes, English paneling, antique doors

 We invite domestic and foreign companies, interior designers, private persons to constant cooperation ...


Specialization, in which the company "Antyk-Styl" is leading the way among the competitors, is the manufacture of stylish english and antique, artistically - hand-carved furniture. The particular interest of antique style furniture, English style furniture, Art-Deco style furniture, Louis Philippe style furniture, baroque style furniture, the Duchy of Warsaw style furniture, Bidermeier style furniture and other recommended for arrangement of interiors of public premisses.

Antique furniture and stylish furniture are made from high quality materials: oak, cherry, mahogany, nut, etc...

As the only from a few, we use exotic wood in production of antique and stylish furniture, which gives the original and immaculate appearance and exceptional durability.



Production of stylish and antique furniture has gained enormous confidence from you. Stylish, antique and classic furniture impresses by their nobility, rich decorations and perfect execution.

Stylish, antique as well as the Henry's style furniture we produce according to our own patterns, or projects supplied by you. A major advantage of the stylish furniture is their lower price compared to the precious originals which often are not attainable.

Production of stylish and antique furniture will help you to become owners of beautiful furniture stylized on the English, Baroque and Art-Deco models. We will create each piece of furniture according to your wishes.

Thanks to your huge interest of our new works we know that, introduced production of antique and stylish furniture such as English furniture, antique furniture, stylish furniture, classic furniture: desks, tables, chairs, sofas and bookcases for libraries meet your expectations, with what we are extremely happy.

Production of stylish furniture and production of antique furniture is the fastest growing sector in“Antyk-Styl” company.

We create stylish furniture and antique furniture in terms of size, style, color is adjusted to the individual needs of our customers. We accept and fulfill orders from all over the country and abroad.

Antique furniture - stylish furniture: furniture for libraries - bookcases - buildings - multi-fabrics furniture for libraries, sideboards, glass-cases, glass cabinets, writing desks, chests of drawers, tables, chairs, bedrooms and much more.

We also do atypical orders, such as furniture on dimension for public venues, dressing rooms, receptions, bars, etc...

Our team of qualified specialists - conservators of monuments - works of art, artistic carpenters, designers - architects, art historians, furniture polytechnicians, goldsmiths, ebenists, founders of our company are people who know the art of historic carpentry, art history, who will take care of the smallest details and elements of each orders, which will become their next work. Therefore, order-furniture, antique-antique doors, historic - historic interior design, reconstruction - renovation of antique wood-antique furniture, renovation of antique-palace doors / windows, etc ... that will reach you will be made with the greatest accuracy and diligence with attention to all the smallest details.

The production of palace furniture - the production of English furniture, the production of stylish furniture and the production of antique furniture is the fastest growing department in the company F.H.P.U. ,, Antyk-Styl ''. We implement comprehensive investment-orders throughout Europe, from the renovation-reconstruction-conservation of historic-historical furniture-works of art as well as reconstruction-conservation works regarding the interior design of wooden interiors to comprehensive furnishings referring to specific historical eras. Our offer is addressed to investors who own monuments such as castles. palaces, manors, residences, churches, monasteries, hotels, restaurants and more


Our stylish and antique furniture is characterized by the uniqueness of performance and the unique way of English finishing techniques with the means and technique, hand colored, varnished, gilded, antiqued, waxed, allow to get perfect and unique furniture.

Innovation of our products consists in the production of varnished furniture with the Shellac varnish and English means and technique; and technique, where the entire finishing process is done manually, it is a very time-consuming process that gives a wonderful ending result (among others, applying to the restoration of antiques).

Varnish is the solution of natural resin, shellac and alcohol intended for finishing of wooden surfaces. The surface finishing technique called varnishing, is known since the seventeenth century.

Varnishing of antique furniture Is an old manual and noble method. In order to obtain an ideal, flat surface, for example during restoration of antique furniture the professional applies the varnish of even several coats using at the same time powdered natural pumice to fill the pores of wood and obtain a mirror surface.

Varnishing is the most valuable finishing of antique furniture, both solid and veneered, varnishing gives life and sheen (high sheen, matt, semi-matt).

This method is most often used in the renovation of stylish furniture, antique furniture and reproductions of old furniture.

A goal selected by our company is to create stylish furniture - antique furniture, characterized by elegance, simplicity, a beautiful natural look and use of high quality materials for the production and we have succeeded it.

For you, Ladies and Gentlemen we will design, make, deliver and install each piece of furniture, because we treat each of you uniquely, we want to make your dreams come true.

Our offer also includes: library furniture, library shelving, English furniture, hotel furniture, bar furniture, study furniture, office furniture and decorations - complete furnishing of loging houses, restaurants, cafes, receptions, manors, mansions, apartments...

Many years of experience assure the highest quality of our services.

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If you wish to have in your home, study or office the sweeping, majestic stylish furniture or antique furniture we invite you to the gallery below, where we present our works.

The furniture is like a flower: if there is no care it dies, affected by time it needs to be renewed or repaired. Renovation of furniture and renovation of mansions, is the second specialization of “Antyk-Styl” company.

We make arrangements of walls, paneling, coffers, etc... according to our own and entrusted projects.

If you have antique furniture or stylish furniture in your collection, that needs maintenance, you are welcome and we will help them to recover their earlier stunning look.


For questions, please contact us. phone no: +48 605 2 11 470



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