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Make your office look prestige!

“Antyk-Styl” company - Creates office furniture including desks in the English style, stylish desks, commodes, secretaries which one can be proud of!

Elegance, prestige and elegance so in these three words one can describe very beautiful office furniture and office supplies coming out of our studio.

It is well known that the first impression is essential in business relationships, looks can cause miracles, but they can also frustrate all efforts. The office is a showcase not only of the president, manager, owner, but also of the entire company, from its appearance it depends on the fact how prospective contractors will be seen, both - the company and the owner.


Precious materials, flattering details and patterns straight from the English style, everything that makes office furniture including desks in the English style, stylish desks are considered as the most prestigious. Therefore their production deals only with the best furniture companies, known for their renovation achievements. Knowledge of styles, techniques, master furniture, excellent skills, experience and extraordinary precision distinguishes our company from the competition.

The office is a place where we spend most of our day, we have guests: colleagues, visitors, future business partners, we handle negotiations, sign contracts, so such an important place requires adequate housing, which will provide office furniture (stylish desks, desks in the English style, English style libraries) specifically created for the purposes of the study.

A very important but unfortunately often forgotten issue is that not only the business’ owner but also his guests should feel comfortable in it. In a well-furnished office you can gain in the eyes of your future business partners as a boss and also as a company that is reliable, trustworthy and worth a start of long-term cooperation.

Mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak, wild rose, teak, rosewood ...

... Are the noblest woods which arise in our studio into unique English desks, stylish desks, commodes, buffets, secretaries, shelves with a beautiful and natural look, and goods made of such materials will delight everyone.

Imagine a stylish desk top here with a rich leather, with gold detailing, gold handles on drawers, with the highest quality of precious wood, a real manual work, precision, attention to detail - all this can make every piece of office furniture designed by “Antyk-Styl” unique, one of a kind.

As a few in the industry, we ensure the stunning effect of our office furniture to beautify your request with inlays, marquetry, molding and painting, furniture, decorating techniques, which give a individual character and a luxurious look.

Decorations made of metal, gold, colored stones, or pearl give a compelling example of how art is often created of office furniture made by “Antyk-Styl”. But these works, they give even more charm to the room, and this in turn makes such a room luxurious. As luxurious as the furniture.

In order to produce office furniture one needs great skills, precision and time to design each piece of furniture according to instructions and arrangements agreed with the person ordering. The next stage is the production itself - making furniture according to ancient techniques - the best teachers, the use of natural methods and avoiding chemicals offer the quality of office furniture. Refined details, sculpting, painting or gilding is done in the end.

To meet your expectations, we provide comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • counseling (to help choose the right wood, insider tips on design and style...)
  • design (create the design of the furniture according to your wishes, properly fitted to its destination),
  • implementation (after the approval of the project, we will begin the production process, our  specialists will address in manual labor),
  • transport (we will bring you the office furniture to the indicated place),
  • assembly (we will furnish your office).

Do not close yourself only for our solutions, our priority is to take into account your expectations, perceptions and guidelines and it is important for us because we treat each of you uniquely and individually.

If you have a photo, sketch or have made a project how should your furniture for office or study look like, we will carry them out with great satisfaction.

Please note that office furniture is used to arrange the whole office, and those are not only stylish desks, desks and chairs in the English style but that is also library shelving, conference tables for meetings with contractors, small chest of drawers for various documents.

So, if you wish to give your office or office of refinement, elegance and prestige, just call us or write to the address or phone number below, and we will take care of the appropriate image of your company in the eyes of your prospective customers and partners by matching the style, design of office furniture ideal for a state office.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to use our services.

For questions, please contact us. phone no: +48 605 211 470












Provencal style kitchen, lacquered oak wood, hand-carved, decorated - patinated

Masterpiece from laquered with a hand applied glaze

Meisterstuck aus lackiertem Massivholz von Hand patiniert

Our projects; comprehensive office furnishings and a conference room in the style of art-deco furniture.

Our projects; furniture of the palace inlaid and gilt

Desk with rose and rosewood