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The company ANTYK-STYL, wishing to meet customers’ expectations, created an offer addressed to hotels, motels, pubs, manor-houses, mansions and restaurants, aimed to provide these with stylish, smart office, hotel or bar furniture matching perfectly any interior.

The company would like to submit you with offer for original office, hotel and pub furniture, matching any type of interior with respect to style, pattern, colour or intended use.

The company ANTYK_STYL would like to invite to cooperation both domestic and foreign companies, public institutions and private persons.

Hotel, office, study, bar, restaurant furniture is made specifically to order, according to author's design created by our specialists, carpenters - restaurateurs, or according to designs delivered by our customers.

The company ANTYK-STYL is a leader in production of artistically decorated stylish and antique furniture. What is most remarkable, are the antique, English and stylish furniture recommended for public places.

Our antique and stylish, English furniture are made of highest quality materials: oak, cherry, mahogany, nut, palisander, teak, rosewood etc.

Dimensions and colours of stylish, English and antique furniture will be perfectly adjusted to customers' individual needs.

At customer's request we perform replicas of furniture typical for different historical periods.

Ali the office, hotel and bar furniture are madę in our private workshop. Thanks to a rich experience gained both on domestic market and abroad as well as strategy aimed at employing only ąualified specialists, we are able to provide services related to restoration and production of furniture at world's highest level. We guarantee highest ąuality of hotel, bar, study and office furniture.

Diligence, accuracy and innovative approach in production of furniture as well as application of highest ąuality exotic materials: oak, mahogany, cherry, nut, if combined with exquisite antiąue finishing, allow us to create office, hotel and bar furniture which is not only uniąue and ageless but also durable enough to astonish Your customers with its splendour for many years.

One of the main fields of specialization of our company are library furniture and bookcases
- extensive library furniture madę to dimension, display cabinets, glass-fronted cabinets, dressers and exclusive furniture of highest standard of performance.

Baroąue, Biedermeier, Art-Deco, Ludvig Philip and many other styles.

Our team of highly ąualified experts will perform library furniture, bookcases, desks and others according to own or customer's designs with due diligence and on a basis of extensive knowledge of the history of art and details of any design.

Manufacturer of original, unique furniture and classic English furniture, perfectly matching the interior of offices and hotels, artistically carved to match the style of each apartment, office, restaurants or hotels.

We would like to offer you a comprehensive and professional service such as manufacturing of antique furniture, wooden furniture and English furniture, classic and antique restoration, Conservation, restoration of antique furniture, pianos and restoration of the altars.

We provide complex services covering the whole production process, from consultancy and design to performance, including transport and assembly.

We know how important designs of study rooms, offices or hotels are, that is why our specialists perform bookcases, other library furniture, built-in applications to dimension in English, Lidvig Philip, Biedermeier, Baroąue or Art-Deco style and many others
(including contemporary designs) in accordance your expectations and specifications, so that they amazed with precision and rosę prestige of Your company among customers.

Our offer covers the following hotel and bar furniture:

• library furniture
• display cabinets
• dressers
• tables
• smali tables
• coffee tables
• chairs
• armchairs
• sofas
• desks
• chests of drawers
• secretaires
• cupboards
• eąuipment for sleeping rooms
• wardrobes
• dressing rooms
• reception desks
• bars
• counters
• dressing tables
• non-typical orders

We provide the following services: carpentry, upholstery, polishing, varnishing, waxing, gold covering, intarsias, incrustations, woodcarving/sculpture, copies and others.

Methods used for finishing produced furniture are polishing - which is a hand-method of finishing furniture of XVIIth century, varnishing and uniąue finishing - a secret trick of our company - with English techniąue based on antiąue furniture - ageing furniture, waxing, gold covering, impressing, intarsia, incrustation, sculpture etc.

Our offer covers exclusive furniture of highest standard of performance intended for offices, study rooms, hotels, restaurants, mansions, libraries, governmental institutions, flats, apartment houses, palaces and other representative places.

It was many years ago sińce the company ANTYK-STYL found its field of specialization in renovation and conservation of furniture, antiąues as well as reconstruction of antiąue furniture, pianos, upright pianos, altars and sacral objects etc.

Thanks to our many-year experience and application of methods and materials used by old craftsmen you can be surę of ąuality of our products.

We do restore splendour of monumental pieces of furniture.

What distinguishes our works among products offered by other companies are uniąue precision and conformity with old carpentry practice.

We invite to cooperation domestic and foreign companies, exporters and importers of furniture, shops, wholesalers, interior designers and private persons.

We wish to offer cooperation based on partnership and fairpractices. We will give any interior a unique look

Opportunities of cooperation:

1- performance of elements of particular project,
2- performance of raw project (no finishing)
3- complex performance of projects

Our company accepts and fulfills orders from all over the country and from abroad.


We iiwite you to take a closer look at our offer and take advantage of our services.
In case of ąuestions contact us. tel. +48 605 211 470

We will perform each order to meet Your needs and reąuests.

Contact us:
F.H.P.U ,,Antyk-Styl,, Zbigniew Chodnik
Myślenice ul. Przemysłowa 4
32 – 400 Myślenice Province of Lesser Poland / next to Cracow
e-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.
mobile: (+ 48) 605 - 211 - 470

Take advantage of what we can offer to you... Kindest regards, F.H.P.U. ,, Antyk-Styl ,,



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