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We all know that the reception is a showcase of each institution as well as in a hotel, a bar counter seating is a showcase of their bar. And their appearance will decide whether people who will have the opportunity to stay close to it will feel very special.

Just imagine, a beautiful reception, bar and cloakroom in the English style, which welcomes newcomer customers. Everyone who will appear at your place, will overcome with the majesty of its unique climate, the aura will radiate as soon as someone crosses the threshold of your institution, and this overwhelming feeling will remain in them for a long time, even when they leave this place.


Your reception, bar, changing room, or other unusual realization will be made of high quality materials: oak, cherry, mahogany, walnut, etc . . . and this will allow you to become an owner of beautiful furniture, bars, receptions, designed in the English style, or a locker room in the Art-Deco style. We will create furniture, and any other unusual order according to your wishes.

It's up to you to decide whether your furniture will create a completely new area of quality, that will make everyone coming across it, notice the prestige.

Our company is very happy to help you create a place that will always be connected to dignity and an unique atmosphere that your clients certainly will appreciate.

Our team of qualified specialists are people who know the history of art, who care about the smallest details and elements of each piece of furniture that becomes their next work. Therefore, furniture which will come to you will be made with the utmost accuracy, care and attention.

This applies to all types of furniture, including bar, reception and cloakroom furniture. All this will be done based on the delivered project, or according to our sketches - conceptual design projects.
Did you know that those are extremely rare exotic wooden pieces, that are the basis for each of our implementation?

The high class of our furniture, lies  in the raw material, which is the source of the uniqueness and character of each piece of furniture that leaves our company. This allows our customers to feel special, because their furniture has a soul which makes it impossible to underestimate its great quality.

If you need real valuable furniture, and would like to have a reception, bar and cloakroom, which would be seen as an unique one, you are on your way to take possession of exceptional furniture.

Just think how exciting can a place be, where hundreds of people come every day, if only that place will be perfectly arranged, with an idea and unprecedented style.
It is obvious that the unique way to finish, substances and the English technology, and hand - made coloring, varnishing and refine any of our furniture, are further links of the structure that formalizes the superior quality, so unsurpassed for others.

Have you already noticed that the company "Antyk-Styl" does an unique work each time, because every little detail is hand - made?

Simply look at our work to see that our furniture creates a mood that sets the tone, to every room and place in which they are located. In an event,  the passion that accompanies the implementation of each piece of furniture, stays on this piece of furniture, and this makes a place magical.
So if you depend on creating an unprecedented climate, raising the prestige and recognition, of each place to the extent that any one who appears at this point, notices the high class and reputation of the furniture that you will fin in it, so now we know that the company, " Antyk-Styl " will create for you everything, even the most unusual orders, and bar furniture, receptions and changing rooms are the living proof of the next.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to use our services.

For questions, please contact us. phone no: +48 605 211 470











Provencal style kitchen, lacquered oak wood, hand-carved, decorated - patinated
Masterpiece from laquered with a hand applied glaze
Meisterstuck aus lackiertem Massivholz von Hand patiniert

Our projects, comprehensive office furniture and boardroom-style art-deco furniture.

Our projects, furniture inlaid and gilded palaces.

Our projects. Exclusive Lady bar - reception



Other photographs of our projects are currently in progress ...